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Why don't I see an "Apps" tab in my zoom?

You might need to update your Zoom account if you haven't done so in a while. This guide here will take you through the steps:

How do I find Heyyo?

We are currently in a private beta mode. Once we launch, we'll update this FAQ with a link to our Zoom App listing. If you are currently in a meeting, select the "Apps" icon and click on Heyyo. If Heyyo is not listed under My Apps, select "Browse All Apps" and search for Heyyo.

Why does my Zoom meeting not have a Heyyo Chat Channel?

Heyyo automatically creates a chat channel for your meetings. If you don't see a channel, you might not be the host of the event. To resolve this issue: • Ask your host to install zChat. • Ask your host to make you the host.

I am an administrator of our Zoom Account - how can I pre-enable Heyyo for all of our Zoom accounts?

Great question! For privacy reasons, members in your organization cannot install Heyyo (or any other Zoom App) without your permission. Be sure to add Heyyo to the pre-approved list so your members can have a better chat experience. Visit Heyyo on the Zoom Marketplace and select "pre-approve" (see screenshot on the right). Here's a fantastic guide from Zoom:

Help! My messages are not sending in Heyyo!

Try uninstalling and re-installing Heyyo. You might have an older, not-supported version. If the issue persists, please contact

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