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Your Guide to Hosting Mentorship Events on Glimpse

It’s mentorship season! Whether you’re the leader of a club, corporate company, or any other type of group, mentorship is a critical part of every organization. Through virtual coffee chats, speed dating calls, and more, mentorship programs can help people get connected with those who can offer a little guidance.

Glimpse is the perfect place to host your organization’s mentorship events. Glimpse is an easy-to-use platform for community building to help you organize your speed-matching one-on-one video chats. Through Glimpse’s speed-matching events platform, you will be able to easily set up virtual coffee chats and rotate mentees and mentors through one-on-one pairings.

Click here for a quick introduction on how to get started on Glimpse. Then, come back here to see how you can make your mentorship event the best experience possible for your attendees.

Mentorship Event Tips and Tricks:

1. Take advantage of optimized tags

Glimpse offers matching by tags in order to optimize the matching process. As the host of a Glimpse event, you will have the option of enabling tags for each user and change the settings for how users are matched by tags.

For a mentorship event, you can enable tags to allow mentees to only match with mentors and vice versa. Additionally, if you are a student organization at a university, you could customize tags for class years, majors, and more for optimized matching! By taking advantage of optimized tags, you can easily ensure that at your mentorship event, mentees and mentors are matched only with relevant people.

2. Enable icebreakers

With Glimpse, you can say goodbye to awkward Zoom calls and that dreaded prolonged silence we’re all too familiar with! Glimpse offers built-in icebreakers that will help your attendees get the conversation going.

Don’t like the built-in icebreakers? Don’t worry, as the host of a Glimpse event, you can customize the list of icebreakers and type in your own conversation starters!

3. Customize the experience

Beyond being able to create your perfect icebreaker questions to get the conversation started, Glimpse is highly customizable to best suit your mentorship event. Once you create an event, you will be able to add your own photo booth frames, enable document sharing, allow members to connect after the event, enable minigames, and more. Additionally, as the host, you can adjust the amount of time your attendees stay in each match, make announcements, and open up the lobby for everyone.

Get Started

As the host of an event on Glimpse, you can optimize matches, start conversations, and customize your event in so many more ways. On glimpse, you can host your ideal mentorship event and further build your community online!

Click here to get started today on Glimpse and here for testimonials and information on past Glimpse events!

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