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Why Personalized Matches Matter

The new way to video chat.

Virtual events are the new way to host icebreakers, networking events, remote happy hours, and so much more.

But all of the resources that you put into your virtual event or conference are worth nothing unless your attendees are actually engaged.

One of the biggest complaints attendees have about virtual events is the awkwardness of breakout sessions. Attendees are often thrust into randomly-assigned breakout rooms in which they force small talk with a large group of other mostly-unengaged attendees.

Enter matchmaking.

What is Video Chat Matchmaking?

Matchmaking means that instead of randomly assigning your participants into breakout rooms, you strategically pair attendees based on shared interests or goals.

How Does Video Chat Matchmaking Work?

You can make video chat matches in one of two ways. The first way is to do it manually; create a spreadsheet with common interests, attendee goals, etc, and then pair them off.

The caveat? You’ll have to meticulously move every single participant into a designated breakout room. That takes time, and more time spent waiting around = less engaged participants.

The better alternative is to use a video chat platform that does this for you.

Glimpse has the most advanced matchmaking technology available to event hosts and culture builders, empowering you to get the right people into the right places. Under the hood, it uses AI-powered matchmaking to instantly separate attendees into timed, private conversations based on their shared interests (or other rules you decide).

To further personalize the experience, you can add icebreaker questions, mini-games, and photo booths. Even with a perfect match, these icebreakers act as a “social lubricant” to engage your audience even more.

When using Glimpse, clients see 30-50% more successful connections than on other platforms.


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