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  • Sydney Nguyen

The Daily Princetonian Hosts Virtual Journalism Seminars

With universities moved online, it has been difficult for students to genuinely meet one another in their classes, club meetings, and other student events. However, The Daily Princetonian is overcoming this obstacle by brainstorming ways for members to virtually get to know one another better. 

Trisha Boonpongmanee, a member and current freshman at The Daily Princetonian, hosted one of the organization's very first virtual journalism seminars. Trisha wanted to simulate an in-person seminar experience where you are able to popcorn to various people in the room and share your journalism experiences. She chose Glimpse, a platform that rotates people through one-on-one, time boxed calls, to facilitate the seminar. “Glimpse was a really good opportunity for those students to break down the walls of online formality. I got great feedback from attendees afterwards,” Boonpongmanee said. 

Students that didn’t know each other well were able to interact with each other for the first time, pushing them outside of their comfort zones and encouraging new friendships.  Glimpse’s fun features like the photobooth and mini games helped break the ice and made it easier for students to talk to new people. 

Even in-person seminars can be a little awkward at times because it can be difficult to talk to people you don’t know. “Glimpse not only simulates in-person connection, but it helps smooth facets that are hard to get around at in-person seminars like cliquey social circles,” Boonpongmanee said.

In this upcoming semester, The Daily Princetonian is hoping to use Glimpse for a seminar series where speakers would be invited to speak on various topics like podcasting, graphic design, and opinion writing. 

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