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How Stony Brook University Theta Tau is Using Glimpse for Virtual Rush Events

Since the closing of colleges across the country last March, college administrators have been hard at work finding ways for students to continue their education remotely. Meanwhile, college students in leadership positions have also been hard at work reimagining what college extracurriculars will look like for their peers during this largely virtual academic year.

For members of the executive team at Stony Brook University’s Theta Tau chapter, this means finding creative ways to conduct their fraternity rush process in a completely virtual format. Theta Tau is a co-ed engineering professional fraternity and in order to make their virtual rush process more fun, they are planning on using Glimpse.

Glimpse is a platform that allows people in a virtual room to engage in one-on-one, time-boxed video calls. Once one video call is done, people are automatically matched with another person in the room to chat with. Glimpse comes with fun features perfect for rush events such as icebreaker questions, mini-games, and the ability to easily share documents and links in the call (ex. a resume).

“We still want to have a really engaging rush process,” says Kaitlyn Chua, Co-Recruitment Chair of Theta Tau. “Some platforms we tried were less engaging because they were large group conversations, but now we’re looking at Glimpse because it really easily matches people up one-to-one.”

If you are looking to organize virtual recruiting events, here are our best tips and tricks for using Glimpse :

  • Check out our Hosting Guide for general advice on how to get started!

  • Decide on a match time length, extension length, and amount of extensions that makes sense for your event

  • Personalize your event by adding your organization’s logo to the home page

  • Customize the match types so members can choose who they want to meet

Dynamic matching feature on Glimpse
Members can match with other members of similar interests

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