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  • Sydney Nguyen

Start-up Incubator Audacity Labs Brings Together Students Interested in Social Entrepreneurship

Audacity Labs, a startup incubator for youth, empowers 9th-12th grade youth to work together to conceive, develop, and launch their own start-ups. Recently they held a meet and greet for students from Duke and NCCU interested in social entrepreneurship. At the event, students shared stories about their relationship to social entrepreneurship and the issues they were passionate about innovating around.

“The event exceeded our expectations in terms of student engagement in a virtual environment,” said Quinci King, one of the event’s organizers. “We had students representing a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, interests, and exposure to entrepreneurship.”

To help facilitate quick meet and greets and networking, Audacity Labs used Glimpse to host their virtual event. Glimpse is a platform that allows people in a virtual room to engage in one-on-one, time-boxed video calls. “Glimpseallows event planners and educators to decenter themselves, and allow for a natural exchange of experiences and stories,” King said.

After the event, Quinci received great feedback from attendees. One Duke student said, “I really enjoyed getting to connect with students from other schools as well as students from Duke I did not know. Glimpse made the networking seamless.”

With the success of this event, Audacity Labs has already made plans to incorporate Glimpse in their upcoming events. They are currently using Glimpse at their weekly meetings “as a means to escape the dullness of their school-day, virtual programming, and connect on a deeper level with peers.” As for the future, Audacity Labs plans on integrating Glimpse at larger virtual conferences to connect students interested in entrepreneurship.

If you are looking to organize virtual meet and greet events, here are our best tips and tricks for using Glimpse:

  • Customize the icebreaker prompts to personalize your event

  • Decide on a match time length (the default is 2 minutes) that best suits your event

  • Customize the match types to pair people with similar interests together

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