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Remote Team Building: AI-Powered New Hire Socials

Remotely onboarding new hires is the new reality in our virtual world.

Actually training employees is one thing, but the other challenge is creating a culture in an ecosystem that lacks water cooler conversations, open bars at holiday parties, and other excuses to let personalities shine.

We've learned that socializing online needs structure: an icebreaker activity that helps the right people have meaningful conversations.

Enter matchmaking.

Matchmaking means that instead of gathering your team into one big Zoom meeting for a happy hour - which comes with the inevitable forced conversation and awkward voice overlaps - you pair off your coworkers for timed, back-to-back conversations with people they’re more likely to connect with.

Don’t worry: this doesn’t mean you have to do research on your coworkers and painstakingly separate them into breakout rooms. Companies like Glimpse do this for you.

Glimpse’s virtual event platform provides the most advanced AI-powered matchmaking technology. It’s simple:

  1. The host creates an event and shares the link with their team;

  2. Attendees are prompted to answer a 3-second survey as they join;

  3. Attendees are paired for quick conversations with others who answered the survey similarly (or differently - you can choose to do that, too!)

During the rounds, your coworkers can also choose to play mini-games that are embedded into the platform, answer icebreaker questions, or take selfies using custom photo booth frames.

Companies that use Glimpse for their virtual events see substantially more engagement from attendees; clients cite a 30-50% increase in successful connections amongst their attendees.

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