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10 Questions To Ask For Speed-Dating on Zoom

Over the past year, online speed dating events through Zoom and other applications have become really popular. Not only are these events great for creating authentic connections, but they are incredibly easy to set up — especially through Glimpse. Glimpse is a platform that rotates people through one-on-one, time boxed calls.

With Glimpse, you have the ability to utilize awesome features such as fun icebreakers, games, and a photo-booth tool. By hosting speed dating events on Glimpse, you can easily set up interesting ice-breaker questions to get to know someone better.

Sometimes interesting questions can spark great conversations. So the next time you think about hosting a speed-dating event, here is a list of 10 questions to help facilitate the conversation:

1. Do you have an inside joke with friends or family? How did it begin?

2. Is there a problem or situation for which you could use some advice?

3. Have you ever gotten a “hunch” about something that turned out to be true?

4. When you’re sick, what are some things you eat/drink/watch/etc. to be comfortable?

5. What historical figure would you most like to sit and have a conversation with over tea?

6. What is something that’s difficult for you but easy for most other people?

7. What was the hardest time of your life, and how did you make it through?

8. What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?

9. What is one childhood memory that you remember especially well?

10. Have you ever desired or longed for something, but once you got it, discovered it was overrated?

To use custom icebreakers with Glimpse:

  1. Create an event at

  2. Edit room, turn on icebreakers, type in questions!

Pro tip: copy a comma separated list

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