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  • Sydney Nguyen

Princeton’s Women In Computer Science Builds Personal Connections Virtually

Many student organizations are currently finding it difficult to virtually integrate students into their communities. To combat this, Princeton’s Women In Computer Science(PWiCS) found a way to help connect female students interested in computer science with the organization’s current members. The President of PWiCS, Michelle Woo, decided to use Glimpse to facilitate one-on-one interactions between members.

Michelle wanted to host an event that would connect members of PWiCS. The virtual event resulted in 86 meaningful Glimpse matches. “One of the freshmen that came mentioned that it was one of the few social events where she was actually able to talk to people,” Woo said.

Implementing Glimpse into the event helped students meet and genuinely connect with other like minded individuals. “It was a great way for members to get to know each other one-on-one,” Woo said.

In addition to community-bonding events, Princeton’s Women in Computer Science supports members through company information sessions, skill-building workshops, and mentorship pairings.

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