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How the LEEDS School of Business Provides Its Students with Virtual Networking Opportunities

Four months ago, colleges and universities across the country began shutting down and sending their students back home. Ever since then, schools have been working hard to adapt. While resources like Zoom and Google Classroom have helped make remote learning easier, colleges are still seeking ways to replicate other aspects of student life, such as club involvement and networking opportunities.

The Leeds School of Business is one of the many colleges working hard to adapt. Leeds is Colorado’s top business school and is proud of its ability to support its students through access to world-changing entrepreneurs and award-winning faculty.

When their school was faced with the challenge of replicating the in-person networking experience crucial to the professional development of their business students, they turned to Glimpse. On Glimpse, people are placed in a virtual room and randomly match with each other one-on-one for time-boxed conversations.

“After speaking with the Glimpse team, we realized it was exactly what we had been looking for!” said Amanda Hansen, the Associate Director of Employment Engagement and Partnerships at the Leeds School of Business. “It’s important that the matches are random and that our team isn’t spending a lot of time facilitating the interactions.”

With recruiters and alums from all over the world, Glimpse allows Leeds to connect their global community and provide their current students with important networking opportunities. “We have several events planned already,” said Hansen. “We can’t wait to see what else we can do with Glimpse!”

Our Tips and Tricks

If you would like to use Glimpse to host a networking event, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Follow our Hosting Guide for general advice to get you started!

  • Personalize your event by adding your organization’s logo to the home page

  • Tell members to be prepared with a PDF version of their resume to share

  • Have members connect their Linkedin accounts and other social media

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