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How SnapEDA Builds a Company Culture Among Their Remote Team

SnapEDA, a company that helps engineers design products faster through an electronics design search engine, has team members from across the globe. Since employees work across time zones, it can be hard to build relationships.

That’s why SnapEDA uses Glimpse, a platform that engages groups through one-on-one, time-boxed video calls in a virtual room. SnapEDA uses Glimpse every week before their team meeting of all 25 employees.

“It’s a really good way of building company culture,” said Lissette Morales, Community Marketing Lead at SnapEDA. “Our biggest asset is our people. Being able to work better requires having a good community.”

For SnapEDA employees, Glimpse is a fun way to get to know their coworkers. “It’s really nice to know you only have 2 minutes,” Morales said. ”It becomes really dynamic and engaging. You get super excited.”

Our Tips and Tricks

If you want to use Glimpse with your remote team, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Follow our Hosting Guide for general advice to get started :)

  • Begin or end your team meetings with a link to a Glimpse room! The time-boxed, one-on-one conversations are a great way to build company culture

  • Decide on a match length (default is 2 minutes) that makes sense for your team

  • Customize the question prompts to suit your event/team

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