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How Nuggets Fans Made Golden Memories this Holiday

It’s no secret that Denver Nuggets fans love their mascot. The friendly face of Rocky the Mountain Lion has been a staple of this NBA team for decades. Forced apart by COVID, the Denver Nuggets were fearful that fans wouldn’t get to celebrate the holiday with their favorite mascot for the first time in decades — until they used Glimpse.

Fortunately, while other holiday traditions may have been put on hold this year (or not, read how here!), the Denver Nuggets membership team partnered with Glimpse to recreate a memorable experience for Nuggets fans. Rather than driving to Ball Arena, Denver Nuggets season ticket holders hopped onto Glimpse to attend the annual holiday event hosted and meet Rocky. As a platform driven to create authentic connections through virtual events, Glimpse created one-on-one, time-boxed video calls for attendees to hang out with Rocky and create some golden memories.

“Our Clients, Rocky, and us three truly enjoyed ourselves last night. Thanks for helping us pull off a very successful event,” shared Wade Schamberger, manager of the Denver Nuggets membership services team.

Check out how the teams worked together to recreate the in-person cheer and some ✨golden✨ snapshots from the event!

Read more about the partnership here! And try out Glimpse’s new custom frames here!

Has COVID impacted your group? If you’re a sports fan or group interested in using Glimpse to build your community, please reach out to and we’d be happy to help you!

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