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How FFA Remotely Strengthens Their Community Through Virtual Events

Female Founders Alliance (FFA) is an online community of over 20,000 women and non-binary founders across North America. Founded in 2017 by Leslie Feinzaig, FFA strives to leverage its world-class partnerships and programming to help accelerate the success of venture scalable startups founded by women and collectively break the dramatic gender funding gap in venture capital. Last fall, FFA even launched their own innovative accelerator designed by female founders, for female founders.

“Our mission is to accelerate the success of female founders 20x in the next 10 years. Creating an ecosystem that enables that growth is incredibly important for that goal to be achieved,” said Divya Kakkad, VP of Marketing at FFA. “With a 20k strong community of founders, investors, partners and allies where we provide mentorship, access to funding and resources, and peer-to-peer community we contribute towards building that ecosystem.”

To meaningfully connect members of their large virtual community, FFA uses Glimpse, a platform where people in a virtual room engage in one-on-one, time-boxed video calls. Using the default match time of two minutes per video call, FFA hosts community events, such as their Summer Internship Happy Hour Mixer, to facilitate more natural virtual networking opportunities amongst their community members.

“I thought it was really great! I loved it the first time we used it [Glimpse] because it allowed us to have that 1-on-1 with our interns,” Kakkad said. “Meeting and networking when you don’t know someone can be awkward. Glimpse made it very easy because of the game prompts and the ‘speed-dating’ format.”

If you are looking to organize virtual community bonding events, here are our tips and tricks for using Glimpse:

  • Check out our Hosting Guide for general advice on how to get started! :)

  • Customize the icebreaker prompts to personalize your event

  • Decide on a match time length (the default is 2 minutes) that best suits your event

  • Customize the match types to pair people with similar interests together

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