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Essential Apps Every College Student Should Have in 2021

Sometimes the apps on your phone can be complete game changers for your everyday life. Some apps can relieve stress while others may help budget your time and/or your money. If you are a current college student, it’s important to get help wherever you can. Listed below are a list of helpful apps that can help a college student’s experience.

Apps For School Work:


Quizlet is a studying tool that can (will) get you to pass your classes. You can make your own flashcards and use it to study for anything. It’s even hooked up to the internet so you get to share your flashcards with classmates. Adding to that, you can even find random Quizlet study guides already made by other students!

Download: iPhone | Android


Forest is an app that has you set a study time limit (ex: 30 minutes) and plants an imaginary tree. If you touch your phone before that 30 minutes is up, the tree burns. At the end of the day you’ll have a forest and see the times you’ve failed or succeeded at studying.

Download: iPhone | Android

Microsoft Lens:

For those situations where you need to scan important documents, Microsoft Lens will fill that need for you!

Download: iPhone | Android

Google Drive:

Two words: Cloud Storage.

Download: iPhone | Android

Apps For Communication:


Glimpse is a round-robin video call platform, providing users effortless and relevant pairings. Glimpse is perfect for students that want to stay engaged with their friends and communities.

Download: iPhone | Android


A language learning app where you can connect with communities from around the world.

Download: iPhone | Android

Apps for Finances


Venmo is a simple, efficient app that allows you to pay or request money from friends, or any user you can find.

Download: iPhone | Android


Mint is a free budgeting app to help you keep track your expenses and payments

Download: iPhone | Android

Apps For Staying On Top Of Things:

Google Calendar:

Schedule any meetings/assignments/exams so that way you always know what you have going on in the next week or so.

Download: iPhone | Android


Great for task scheduling, taking notes, planning activities or just writing stuff down. It has tons of built-in templates (maybe too much haha) for things like finance management, vacation planning, you name it

Download: iPhone | Android

Apps for Leisure:


One of the premier music platforms to listen to your favorite bands, artists, and/or podcasts. Plus, there is a great student discount if you are already a college student!

Download: iPhone | Android


Guided audio meditations to help you relax and relieve stress

Download: iPhone | Android

Sleep Cycle:

Tracks your sleep quality and also designates an optimal time frame for you to wake up

Download: iPhone | Android

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