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Artemis Connection is Leading This Age of Innovators

With the transition to a virtually dominated world, there has been a spiking trend in online education. Even with the world’s stagnant state, there are still opportunities for you to learn and take advantage of online and through your computer screen. 

Glimpse is helping Artemis Connection host speed networking events that will provide a culmination of meaningful connection, education, and innovation in the span of 3 days. Artemis Connection is a strategy consulting firm aiming to build rigorous strategies that can actually be implemented and have a positive impact on both employees and the external community.

This virtual event Artemis Connection is putting together, known as the Project Ascendance Summit, was built to bring a diverse group of creators together. Creators being defined as individuals who push themselves to see beyond an ordinary scope of life and use their views to implement change in society.

This year’s summit will emphasize the future of learning and innovation. Learning is typically associated with things like school, homework, lecture halls, all of which do not nearly emulate that sense of excitement individuals get from doing things they are passionate about. The Project Ascendance Summit places itself at the intersection of both education and excitement by integrating learning with a multitude of engaging participant activities.

Jessica Oman, Chief of Staff at Artemis Connection, believes the summit’s setup will lead to the most rewarding participant experiences. Jessica notes “by combining industry leaders with keynote speakers, community building, and open networking, this year’s summit will allow us to share ideas and facilitate connections”.

Now, where does Glimpse come into the picture in the midst of all this innovation and visionary energy? With the summit transitioning to a virtual format, there needed to be a solid media platform to maintain the genuine connections and authentic change made at the normally in-person event. Glimpse fit precisely into what the online event previously lacked in making those connections and change transpire. Like Jessica said, “Glimpse will bring their summit attendees closer together and consider the solutions of tomorrow”. She additionally mentioned, “Glimpse’s round-robin speed matching will allow the event’s networking sessions to thrive in a virtual environment and allow for deeper conversations among attendees”.

Join Artemis Connection in the future of learning and innovation from October 21st to 23rd!

If you want to use Glimpse at your virtual conference, here are some pointers:

  • Follow our Hosting Guide for general advice to get started :)

  • End your kick-off event with a link to a Glimpse room! The time-boxed, one-on-one conversations are a great way to get people excited about the event

  • Decide on a match length (default is 2 minutes) that makes sense for your team

  • Customize the match types to suit your event

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