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Glimpse got acquired! We’re joining the team at twine, and moving our products into their hands. 


I’m an existing customer, what does this mean for me?

  • We’ll continue to support existing customers, but will stop releasing new features and will spend less time on upkeep.


I want to be a customer of Glimpse.

  • Welcome! Know that we are offering limited support and not releasing new features. If you’re cool with that, go ahead :)


Can I cancel my subscription?

  • Nothing has changed here – you can always cancel your subscription.


Will we automatically become customers of the twine product?

  • No. The account data is not merged. Your Glimpse account is still a Glimpse account.  You’ll need to set up a twine account if you’d like to use twine. 


I loved the photobooth and minigames on Glimpse - will twine have those?

  • Twine has a fantastic roadmap of future features. It is a different product with different features, but we’re confident we can support your virtual connection needs going forward with twine and Shuffle.


Well, what should I use if I want to host a speed networking event?!

  • twine for Zoom (formerly Shuffle), our Breakout Room app for Zoom, does everything Glimpse does and more! Check it out on the Zoom App Marketplace. 

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