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glimpse for team formation


Two Duke Students on Glimpse

Covid-19 created a new demand for universities around the world:

how to make virtual colleges social. Incoming freshmen are looking for a good cultural fit, and current students are yearning to make lifelong friends.

Glimpse increases engagement and builds community virtually.

Glimpse is now offering 20% off Premium accounts for organizations that sign up before October 1.

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What Glimpsers are saying...

Glimpse solutions for team formation

Ask about hackathons, conferences, and more. 

Fun features

Games, icebreaker questions, and a photobooth feature to make every event as interactive and engaging as possible.

Typed matching

Always meet the right people. 

Set match types based on roles such as, “Students vs. Recruiters” or “Freshman vs. Seniors” ... or by industry, such as "tech, finance, marketing, etc."

Customizable time limits

Versatility in customizing the match time limits to best suit the needs of your event. 

Glimpse is flexible! Customize your room & support any online social event.
*if you can't find a feature you are looking for, we'll build it for you!!

Organizations 😍 Glimpse

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