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For Your Team

Glimpse powers 1-on-1 timed video chats so everyone can meet each other more authentically.

1000s of teams across the world are already keeping their members connected with Glimpse.

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💡 Need some ideas?

  • Happy Hour​

  • Onboarding

  • Inter-team mixers

  • Speed Networking

  • Game Night

  • Team-building

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"Things went so well!


Heard after-the-fact that some folks were skeptical going in, but everyone was really pleasantly surprised and had so much fun. Glimpse worked so smoothly! I personally loved the chime alerting you to your next match, and the slow fade at 10sec was also an amusing touch.


Will def be recommending to others here at AMZN and to our broader org!"

Join innovative companies like Amazon and host your first speed matching event!

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