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Match-optimization technology that pairs virtual event attendees based on compatibility.


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Trusted by thousands of companies, schools, and networks.

Intelligent, live matchmaking

Effortlessly create a mentor-mentee mixer, a speed dating event, a career fair, and more. Our optimized "tag" system pairs only compatible individuals.

Hosts create tag options, and attendees self-identify who they are, and with whom they wish to chat.


It's that easy.


Once you have authentic, face-to-face chats, you'll never want to go back.

And don't just take our word for it...

Customizable photo booth frames, icebreaker questions & minigames!

Each event is unique! Tailor your event for your community with a custom branded photo booth frame, your own icebreaker questions, and minigames.


Or turn them off to focus on conversations!

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Timed conversations create excitement and reduce pressure.

Every 1-on-1 match has a time limit. Pairs see the time ticking down and can request extensions!

Hosts configure the length of matches, number of extensions, and more. 

Time limits make attendees less nervous: you can't get stuck with a bad match! If it goes well, you can always extend.

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