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Match-optimization technology that pairs virtual event attendees based on compatibility.

Bring meaning back to your virtual

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Choose a date, time, and description to run a new event. Learn more about best practices for running events here.

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How it works

📅 Create an event

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🔥 Get matched ~intelligently~

Use preferences and tags to match attendees to the people they want to meet. Learn more about how we use AI to intelligently pair your attendees here.

Get the event started and let the conversations begin! Have any questions? Check out our FAQ page.

💬 Start chatting


Zoom Integration

The easiest way to add speed networking to your Zoom meeting, webinar, and event.

AI-Matchmaking for your breakout rooms. Now in Beta.


How can Glimpse fit into your community?

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Learn more about communities connecting on Glimpse

Once you have authentic, face-to-face chats, you'll never want to go back.

And don't just take our word for it...

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