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Bring your community close with 1-on-1, back-to-back social video chats. Unite groups from 4 to 400,000 more meaningfully.

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Build Bonds through 1-on-1 Video Chats

For every video chat, our advanced speed-matching "tag" system matches you with a compatible peer. Conversations always feel fresh and interesting.

Build Relationships

With Ease

No need to feel anxious about approaching others or being alone. Chatting 1-on-1 under a time limit from the comfort of your home removes all the anxiety of meeting others for the first time. You focus on being your best self.

Meeting Has Never

Been More Fun!

Personalize your video chats with custom branding, icebreakers, mini-games, and photo booths. You and your matches will have a blast on Glimpse!

On Glimpse, people...

Stay Active

Build Bonds

Feel Connected

Once you have authentic, face-to-face chats again, you won’t want to go back.

And don't just take our word for it...

Ready to engage your community?

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